Most Frequently Asked Questions

On The Dry is a mass abstinence event held in January each year by many Irish people and now it’s a charity fundraising opportunity that raises funds and awareness for the Irish Heart Foundation to help fight heart disease and stroke.

At the start of the month participants register as being On The Dry and have the remainder of the month to stay off the booze while raising money along the way to benefit the Irish Heart Foundation.

Click on any sign up link throughout the site. Register as an individual, you can register with a team or a company later via your profile page.

Some general personal information will be needed - complete all fields and click 'Next'. Your personal details are protected by the Irish Heart Foundation’s privacy policy and will not be sold to any third party or used for marketing.

A confirmation email will be sent to you, giving you your profile page URL, this is your space where you can invite friends to register, donate, take part in the Dry Run, download information and posters and personalise your page.

You will need to register as an individual first. Once you have signed up, you will be able to create a team. Then you'll need some team mates! Once you've recruited them to sign up, they'll be able to join your team!

In your profile page you will have the option to create a team by clicking the 'My Teams' tab. Simply enter a team name that you would like to use.

Once you have created a team you can invite people to join it!

Promotional materials are downloadable from the Tools section of the website.

Alternatively, if your workplace is particularly large, over multiple offices or wishes to take part at a corporate level and you need additional posters, donation forms or even customised and logoed materials please get in touch with us via the contact page to see what we can do in partnership.

If you receive an unexpected error message or the site isn’t working as it should do, please make note of the following and contact us via the contacts section: http://www.onthedry.ie/contact

The more information you can give us, the quicker we will be able to identify the problem.

Where were you on the site?
What were you doing immediately before it happened?
If you received an error message what did the complete text say?
Do you have a screen shot of what happened?
Does this happen repeatedly?

Before going live, new functionality on the site is checked thoroughly with as many combinations of Internet Browsers and Operating Systems as possible. However, there are thousands of combinations and sometimes problems slip through the net. If this is the case, we will try to fix the error as quickly as possible. Unfortunately there are a few very old and rare browsers that we are unable to support because they don't have enough functionality to allow the site to work.

Please send us an email: http://www.onthedry.ie/contact

About the Campaign Overall

Yes, you can purchase an ‘On The Sly’ ticket or a friend can donate one to you. They cost a donation of €20 which goes to the Irish Heart Foundation in return for one night break from On The Dry. http://www.onthedry.ie/onthesly

You can donate in the following way:

  • Online donation – Any size donation via Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • On the Sly Pass – Fixed €20 donation via Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Please make sure you are donating to your favourite participant so that the donation is registered to their fundraising total.  http://www.onthedry.ie/donate

As you will be donating online using your credit card you will be emailed a receipt instantly by the Irish Heart Foundation.

First thing to do in this instance is check your Junk Email folder. This is because the amount of spam emails means that Junk Mail filters are becoming more and more complex. It is difficult for us to be 100% sure that your donation receipt will be delivered to your inbox successfully. If the receipt is not in your Junk folder and you still haven't received it after a couple of hours please contact us via the contacts page. http://www.onthedry.ie/contact

Yes, donations are secured by Realex, one of Europe’s largest, fastest growing and most secure online payment gateways. Secure pages on the website are prefixed by https://

All user credential and payment transactions are only submitted over secure connections and we never store payment card details. The site has regular security audits and is scanned to ensure no malware or viruses exist.

We do try to encourage all donations to be made online via an individual or team's profile page however there is a form available to download and print to send in cash donations... you can find the form here: http://www.onthedry.ie/tools

When you have collected all your cash donations, please send a cheque for the total cash donation amount and the completed Donation Form to the Irish Heart Foundation at this address: http://www.onthedry.ie/contact

Please note that funds raised during your On The Dry must be lodged online via the donation form to be included in profile, team or leader board totals.